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Why You Should Properly GET TO KNOW Your Wedding Suppliers Before Your Wedding Day

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So, I'm assuming you're here because you're a soon to be bride and you're in the deep end of planning your wedding. You may be at the starting point, you may be at the end but no matter where you are in the planning process I CANNOT emphasise more how important it is to get to know your wedding suppliers. Whether that be your DJ, caterers, photographers you've absolutely got to know who is behind the businesses.

Why? Because you could find any old supplier's online and say "That'll Do!", but how can you be sure that they are reputable, easy to work with, well spoken and have great communication? Well the simple answer is....You can't. Without putting in the effort to get to know the person behind the business you are not setting your wedding up to be the best it possibly can be and here's why...

A sole trader or a small business with a few employers will flourish and THRIVE more than ever when they feel they have got a friendship or some sort of relationship with their client. A lot of us are people pleasers and all we want to do is over perform for you and make your day as amazing as possible.

Another way to think of this is...Say you've got a best friend and you're about to celebrate her 30th birthday and you want to get her an amazing present...You care about her A LOT and have a fabulous relationship, therefore, you want to get her the best gift ever and really out do yourself this year. This is the exact same feeling we get as wedding suppliers...

When we have built of solid relationship with you, our passion for our work grows because we want to out do ourselves ESPECIALLY for your wedding day. We have a sense of care and responsibility for your wedding day because we care about you and your partner. This is the huge benefit of getting to know your wedding suppliers and is the thing that'll make your wedding day that much better!

Not to mention that this will make your suppliers feel so much more involved with your day, rather than just being known as 'one of the wedding suppliers'. You never know, they may even become life long friends of yours.

Furthermore, the benefits of you getting to know your wedding supplier's will also make you as the bride and groom feel a lot more at ease and trusting in them to do a fabulous job. It's always comforting to know you have reliable supplier's, but you can only really find this out when they demonstrate to you that...

  • They communicate consistently

  • They answer all your questions without hesitation

  • They show interest in getting to know you and your partner

  • They ask you questions about your wants and needs for your wedding day

  • ...Maybe they're even keen to physically meet you both too!

These are just a few things that indicate a reputable wedding supplier. You could read a lot of positive reviews of them and their business, but you will never truly know until you get in touch with them yourself, so MAKE THE EFFORT for the sake of your wedding day. Don't get me, wrong reviews are a fabulous way of making sure a supplier is trustworthy and worth the investment, but we all work differently with different people so you've got to be sure that you click and are able to build a fabulous relationship too!

I hope this blog post has helped some of you brides and grooms in what to look out for when it comes to your wedding suppliers and why it is important to get to know them before your wedding day (it's 100% more important than you would think).

Anyways, that's all from me! Happy planning!

Yours Kindly, Amy X

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