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10 Must-Ask Questions for Your Wedding Photographer Before Booking

Updated: Mar 28

Hello hello my beautiful brides! I hope you are all well and the planning is going well! It's been a long time since my last blog post. Since then, I've gained a whole lot of NEW motivation and drive for my business and I'm positive this is the new leaf I've needed to turn over for a while now. Anyway, let's get to what you're actually here for...What questions should you ask wedding photographers before booking?

1. How would you describe your editing style?

Now, the answer to this question is most likely plastered all over your wedding photographers website, however you're a nervous bride and you're just looking for a little more clarity. The wedding photographer may use words on their website that you don't quite understand, therefore I'd make sure you ask anyway, just to be safe.

2. How Long After The Wedding Day Would We Expect To Receive Access To The Gallery?

This is a good one, as wedding photographers don't enough mention this on their websites. The reason being, they have busy and quiet times, therefore we don't always know how long it may take to edit your gallery.

3. Would You Bring Your Own Food And Drink Along On The Day?

It's a common fact that "the bride and groom must provide one with a meal on the day". Although this is true for maybe 90% of wedding photographers, it's worth asking just incase they don't require a meal. Especially seeing as you're already paying them a lot of money to be there, let alone feed them.

wedding food inspiration

4. What Deposit Would You Require And When Would The Full Payment Be Made?

This is a pretty self explanatory question really, however not all wedding photographer's present this on their websites, so make sure to ask for peace of mind!

5. How Many Weddings Have You Done?

This will allow you to understand how much experience the wedding photographer has. Generally speaking a full time wedding photographer will do roughly 25 to 50 weddings PER year. However, there are wedding photographers who are just getting started, or are only 1 to 2 years in business. So be considerate and make sure to check out their website and portfolio thoroughly so you can see the quality of their work.

6. What Happens After We've Signed The Contract and Paid The Deposit?

This is always an interesting question as so many wedding photographers have difference ways of working after all the admin is done. Some will say "I'll be in touch 1 month before the wedding", others will say, "I'll message you soon to arrange our pre-wedding shoot"...

7. Where can I read all your testimonials?

*It's usually google or facebook* - Wedding photographers will often only display the best reviews on their website.

8. What Time Will You Be Arriving At The Venue On The Day?

This could vary from photographer to photographer. Some may turn up on the dot of the time they said they started, others may turn up 30 minutes before they're even meant to begin shooting. I'd hope most photographers turn up earlier in order to set up their gear, but you just never know.

9. How Much Will It Cost If We Need You For An Extra Hour On The Day?

Wedding Photographer's overtime rate will vary. You wouldn't want to UNDER Book them and end up paying £750 more for an extra hour, when you could have just booked them with more hours in the first place.

10. What Happens If Your Are Sick On The Day?

Good forbid this ever happens, however you would hope your wedding photographer perseveres or has the most last minute back up plan ever. Most wedding photographers will have networked and have a list of back up options, so hopefully they'd be able to help you if this happens. If not, Wedding Insurance!!

I think the list of questions you could ask your wedding photographer is pretty endless if you are an anxious bride. I know I would be one. Which is why I want to do everything I can to help you brides feel confident in your suppliers and to put your mind at ease. Everything is going to work out, and you'll have the best day of your life!

Anyway, thank you for reading! Happy Planning!

Yours Kindly, Amy X

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