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10 Things To Remember Before and During Your Wedding Day

Welcome to another blog post during this fine 2023 wedding season! If you've attended any weddings or been a bride or groom yourself, I hope you've been having a blast! Anyways, as I've been working my way through my weddings this year, there has been a few things I've noticed that I feel would be beneficial for you to hear, (especially if you are soon to be a bride or groom!). I've picked these up purely from seeing how much pressure and stress bride and grooms put on themselves to make the day run smoothly, so let's call this blog post a pre - therapy session before your wedding!

1. You're a bride. It's a week before your wedding day and you are worried about not liking what you look like in your wedding photos. It's understandable that everyone has insecurities so if this is the case, let your wedding photographer know what you're conscious about. This way they will know what angles and sides to take photos of and try their best to make you look amazing. This will also be beneficial knowledge when they get around to editing your photos because they'll know what tweaks to make in terms of any insecurities you have. For example, you may have an ear that often stick outs in-between your hair strands. Tell your photographer about this and if it's in photos they should have the ability to edit it out.

2. This next one is about your DJ (if you are having one). Before the wedding day please ensure to ask them if they operate using lasers...They can severely damage the sensors in your photographers cameras and may even completely break them. Having them present during your reception will risk your photographer's equipment, your wedding photos and even prevent the photographer from taking photos at all.

3. Try your very hardest to get your bride and groom photos in STRAIGHT AFTER the confetti have been thrown. Why? Because you and your new husband will still be looking and feeling fresh and beautiful. Think of it this way, who wants to take photos after food once's everyone has had a boggy and you feel all sweaty and a little tipsy? You won't be in the mood, the adrenaline from just being married will have worn off a little and your hair and makeup maybe looking a little wild...

4. Use your bride and groom photos as an opportunity to breathe and take in the fact that you are now a married couple. But, make sure to book a photographer that you know is relaxed and is more into natural looking photos to avoid getting overly posed and feeling under pressure to hold the perfect pose.

5. When you walk down the aisle ensure to walk as slowly as possible. Let your wedding guests soak up your beauty because this is the first and last time you are going to be a bride. Also do it for yourself, this is your day. Let yourself feel like the bride you deserve to be. Don't rush anything and take every step with pride down that aisle, (oh, and don't forget to look up and smile - I do realise how hard this is if you're anxious though).

6. This is something your wedding photographer may have told you already, but HOLD YOUR FIRST KISS. Make it last as long as possible because this is an important moment in your marriage's history and should be made the most out of. This will also allow your photographer plenty of time to get the shot and ensure that they will not miss it, (which is often the case of a quick 1 second peck!)

7. Try not to stress about the timings of your wedding schedule. This should be anyone's job BUT YOURS. If you haven't got a wedding coordinator, give this job to one of your bridesmaids or someone you trust to keep the day running to plan. Why? because the last thing you'll be doing is looking at the time as you'll be enjoying the day, the company and everything you've paid for to make your wedding day beautiful.

8. Remember that all your supplier's should have a schedule of your wedding day and therefore should be handling what they need to on the day without needing your attention. If they are reliable and trusted business's they should know what they are doing and be prepared to accommodate for your wedding day, (this is why it's 100% worth making sure that you've read your supplier's reviews and know that they are a reputable business).

9. This one is kind of similar to number 7...But make sure to assign your bridesmaids an individal role for the big day. No matter how big or small that role is, if there is something that you are worried about before your wedding day communicate with your bridesmaids and see which one of them is prepared to take on this worry for you. Besides, this is primarily what your bridesmaids are for, they are named after a 'maid' for a reason. Remember that.

10. You will be bombarded by everyone wanting to get a chat with you. I spare no exaggeration on this either. For this reason, please remember to take as much time as you want with your new spouse as possible. Whether that's chatting with guests together or taking a break alone at the bar. It's your day. Don't feel as though you have to communicate with everyone separately just to give everyone a slither of attention (not to mention candid photos of you both together are absolutely the one's that you treasure MOST).

And that my people is all I have. I'm sure I could think of more, but we've still got weddings to go this season, so I'll save what I've learnt for another post. Anyway I hope this has somewhat helped you to feel a bit more prepared for your wedding day. It's a scary thing, but you will have a blast and the nerves will wear off.

Have a fab day and happy planning!

Yours Kindly, Amy X

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