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A Quick Fire Guide To: Feeling and Looking Your Best In Your Wedding Photos

Hello! It's Amy here! I hope you are well and the wedding planning is going swell! (I didn't mean to rhyme). Recently, I've been thinking about ways to make bride and grooms photos look EVEN more natural and candid as physically possible...Which can be a hard task sometimes. I began thinking about how I would feel in front of a camera and one way I would describe it is: Uncomfortable. And then I made the link. How are brides and grooms expected to look "natural and candid", when they feel uncomfortable in front of the camera?

groom an groom in pre wedding shoot photographs

90% of couples I've met have said "We are going to be so awkward in our wedding photos", or "I'm really not comfortable in front of the camera". I totally understand this (which is why I choose to stay behind the So, prepare to be refreshed and get a new lease of life for having your photo taken. As I offer this quick fire guide to feeling and looking your best in your wedding photos.

1 - Pick the right photographer. Do your research, have introductory chats with them, See If you click. Ask yourself, can I see myself being friends with this person? If yes, you've got the key to unlocking being comfortable in front of the camera.

2 - Go on a photoshoot with a your partner and take photos of each other BEFORE the wedding. Get dressed up. Find a relatively quiet space. Get a boost of confidence with how sexy you look. Figure out your best angles. Practise just being in the presents of someone taking your photo.

3 - Learn to love your body. Look in the mirror daily and say out loud something you love about your body. Give. Yourself. The. Confidence.

4 - Think about positions that feel natural to you and your partner. Think about how you hug, how you walk down the street, how you have secret conversations with your kids being in the same room...Do you whisper? Lean in to each other?

5 - Don't compare yourself to brides you see online. That's it.

6 - Wear as much or as little makeup as you want. Ignore your mum telling you "that's too much makeup for you" during your makeup trial. It's about you. It's about what you feel comfortable and beautiful in.

7 - On the day of wedding; during your bride and groom photos, have your sister, best friend or mum come along. Maybe they can help loosen you up. Tell a joke or two. Give you compliments. Boost your confidence in anyway they can.

8 - And my last piece of advice...Go on that Pre Wedding Shoot with your photographer. Whether it's complimentary or not, take the opportunity. I promise you, it is an invaluable experience for you and your photographer.

Well, that's all I've got. I'm pretty sure if I sat here long enough I'd be able to think of more, however, it's 20:28 at night and my brain is beginning to fry. Nonetheless, I've hope this blog post has been helpful! I do put every effort into making these as useful as possible, so even if it's helping just 1 bride, then I'm happy :)))

Happy Planning!

Yours Kindly, Amy X

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