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Top Tips For Getting To Know Your Wedding Photographer

Hello! Me again! Welcome back to another cheeky blog post, where I'll be talking through my most favourite top tips for getting to know your wedding photographer. But first, why is it so important to get to know your wedding photographer?

Because it really is all about feeling comfortable with each other and making sure your personalities match up in order to bring the best out of your photographs.

This may sound like a vague and broad statement however, I believe the importance of these 2 factors are very underestimated. So please continue scrolling to find out my tip tops for getting to know your wedding photographer and to ensure you've made the right choice!

Tip #1

Make the time and effort to meet face to face with your wedding photographer as much as possible. Whether you've booked them for full day or half day wedding photography. MAKE THE EFFORT. Trust me when I tell you this. It will make ALL the difference on your wedding day, because you may have built such a close relationship with them that you almost feel as though you have a trusted friend photographing your wedding! You'll feel as comfortable as ever and will help to reduce any camera shyness you might have. Which leads me nicely onto my next tip...

Tip #2

Have you been offered a Pre wedding photoshoot with your photographer? TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY. You may think it's not necessary to do, or you may just not want to do one, but let me tell you all the benefits that they have and remind you that it's not just about the photos.

  1. You will learn what poses and positions you feel comfortable doing.

  2. You will learn what your best angles are.

  3. You can practise your best smiles for all the formal photos.

  4. You will learn how your photographer goes about their style of work.

  5. You will establish how you and your photographer work together and whether you're a good match.

  6. (Why does this sound like I'm giving out dating advice? Lol).

Tip #3

Asking your wedding photographer lots of questions can give you a lot of insight into who they are and what they do. Especially if you don't fancy having a Pre wedding shoot. However, it's easier said than done to know what sort of questions to ask them...Sooooo, keep an eye out for a cheeky new post on "Help! What questions should I ask my wedding photographer?"

Tip #4

My last and final tip I will ALWAYS encourage for all bride and grooms. Keep communication consistent. Send your photographer inspiration for your wedding photos, send them funny messages, tell them every single detail about your wedding day. Trust me, they want to know. Keeping your photographer updated in terms of what's going to happen on the day is a big MUST DO. Why? Because then they can be as prepared as possible and have a less stressful day, because believe it or not no matter how many weddings a photographer has shot, we will always be nervous, EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Some of us thrive off of the knowing all the nitty gritty details, and some of those nitty gritty things could drive a recipe for an absolutely gorgeous photo opportunity or candid moment...So yeh, keep them updated with your plans, make them feel as valuable as the final gallery that they produce, and I guarantee you will form a better connection with them than you ever expected.

So that's it really, I know it may seem like a lot if you've read this whole post. But trust me, it all comes under the same sort of umbrella which is...COMMUNICATION. Whether that be face to face, over text or through a video call. If you're experiencing all these things with your wedding photographer, then you are in for 1 AMAZING wedding gallery.

That's all for now! Happy planning!

Yours Kindly, Amy X

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