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The Pros and Cons of Full and Half Day Wedding Photography

Updated: Mar 29

Hello! I'd like to thank you for visiting before I begin this blog post, It's rare that I get blog visitors so it's truly wonderful to have you here. Anyway, so you've clicked on this link because I'd assume you are struggling to decide whether to have half day or full day photography at your wedding.

I understand how much of a difficult decision this could be for you, especially when things such as budgets get in the way. So, I'm hoping this blog post helps some of you come to a decision via revealing to you the pros and cons of both full day and half day wedding photography.

Full Day Wedding Photography Pros and Cons

PROS: 1. You want to know what all your guests got up to on your wedding day. Seeing your guests having fun and enjoying your big day as much as you will be the best feeling. It shows you that you put on an amazing event that you planned all by yourself, it will give you a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction for all the effort you put in to making the day amazing for everybody. 2. You want to remember and reminisce the entire day, so you can look back on it in the future. Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime day and you don't want to take it for granted by not having a professional photographer capture the full day. Just imagine the full gallery and flicking through every single moment, knowing that there is not one thing that the photographer failed to capture. 3. You take great care to treasure photographs as they're the only thing left after your wedding day. Photographs are everything to you, you don't care how little space you've got on your iCloud, you just want to make sure you treasure every single photograph. If you are struggling for storage space, I recommend buying a USB stick and a HardDrive and popping your entire gallery on it (that's if you're photographer hasn't already done this for you!). 4. You are willing to go over your budget for your wedding photographer. This is quite self explanatory, but if you really want to hire a particular photographer but they're a little over your budget, I plead you to just do it. Anything that you want but don't have you will regret in the future. CONS: 1. Full Day Photography is a Hefty Amount More than Half Day. If you really want a certain photographer but they're full day service is just far too much, ask them if they can offer you a half day price and personal payment plan if money is the issue. Most professionals will go out their way to tailor for you, as they value you as a person and really want to help you at the end of the day. 2. You will have at least 800 Photographs. Now if you are the sort of person who doesn't fancy scrolling for hours through photos then maybe full day photography isn't for you. Maybe you cherish quality over quantity, so if this is the case then half day could be perfect for you, getting at least 400 photos roughly, depending on how many hours you have your photographer. 3. You will be followed by your photographer ALL DAY. I realise this is the whole point of having a wedding photographer, however you might be the sort of person who doesn't particularly enjoy being photographed and would rather limit the amount of time that a photographer spends with you. However, it's worth mentioning that if you have hired a natural/candid/documentary style photographer, then they should be trying their best to stay out of your way, whilst capturing amazing photographs. Half Day Wedding Photography Pros and Cons PROS: 1. You'll be able to chose what parts of the day you want photographed. You might not be so fussed about your wedding reception being captured, but you still really want your bridal prep and ceremony captured. Therefore, having the option to choose when and where you want your photographer could be the perfect choice for you. So your wedding day is still photographed just not the parts you aren't so concerned about! 2. It may help keep you within your budget. If money is tight but you desperately want your wedding day photographed, it's worth considering a half day option because it can cut costs considerably. You've just got to be smart with where you prioritise your photographer. 3. You don't particularly enjoy having photos taken of you but you still want to remember the day. Photographs are important to you, but you just aren't too comfortable in front of the camera, especially when it's your wedding day and you just want to focus on enjoying it, rather than worrying what you look like the whole day. So maybe having a photographer for half the day will help limit this worry and allow you to relax when your photographer has gone home. CONS: 1. The whole wedding won't be captured professionally. If this is the case for you, I'd recommend assigning a few guests to make sure they take lots of photos of moments on their phones. Whether they are totally candid or not, these are the moments that you will forget if they're not photographed. You must have trust in these guests to remember their responsibility you have given them, so make sure they are reliable 2. You will have a limited amount of photographs to look back on. Don't expect a huge album. Most photographers will have to cull through a certain amount of photos due to photos being poorly lit, composed, blurry, camera shake. This obviously will be down to the photographers skills and experience and most of the time you get what you pay for. So my advice is, if you are having a photographer for half the day, make sure they are well experienced and have an excellent portfolio that you LOVE. Well, I think that's all the advise I can possibly think of that might aid your decision! I hope it has helped some of you make your decision! This blog is specifically for helping brides planning their weddings, so any feedback is always appreciated as I don't always know if my content is valuable haha! Anyway, happy planning! I hope everything is going well! :) Yours Kindly, Amy X

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